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EcoGuard Diamond Floor Mat Double Fan 36 X 96 Charcoal
Ecoguard Diamond Floor Mat Double Fan 36 X 96 Charcoal

Attractive diamond pattern enhances your entryway and adds a degree of elegance to your work environments. Carpeted surface is made from PET plastic bottles, and the all rubber backing is made from used tires, preventing landfill waste. Bi level construction traps dirt below the surface so your interior spaces stay clean and dry. Beveled edges with fashionable fabric border are designed to reduce trips and falls. The durable rubber backing is slip resistant to keep mat in position. Easy to...

Guardian EcoGuard Diamond Floor Mats 96 36 Indoor Charcoal EGDDF030804

Info Guardian EcoGuard Diamond Floor Mats 36 Indoor Charcoal EGDDF030804

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Price: $109.19 | Merchant: Staples | Date: Nov-18, 2018

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Details 14k Yellow Gold By The Yard Diamond

, 36 and fan 36 x 96 charcoal.

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