What Is So Different About Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Dyson Reach Under Tool

We've all seen the striking designs and colours of Dyson vacuum cleaners, but apart from looking different from other manufacturer's vacuum cleaners, do they really differ in how they function? And are they better than other vacuum cleaners? The answer is yes.

To understand why Dyson vacuum cleaners are better than other makes we need to understand the technology used by other vacuum cleaner manufacturers. It's only when we understand how these vacuums work that we can take a look at how Dyson re-invented the business of sucking up dirt, to do things better.

For nearly one hundred years all vacuum cleaners worked the same way. An electric motor produced suction, which in turn sucked up dirt. The dirt was collected in a dust bag. Fine, except that over time, the dirt clogged up the filter that is found at the end of the bag. As you might guess, dirt clogging up the filter reduces the suction of the vacuum; less dirt is sucked up and the air expelled not only smells bad, but actually expels dirt back out into the room. That's the way vacuum cleaners always worked and no one ever questioned this. That's was until a certain James Dyson come along. He was an inventor, and like most inventors, he had the gift of looking at how something works and asking; can it be improved? He found the answer and the rest is history.

Instead of using a motor to produce suction power through conventional means he used the motor to produce suction through centrifugal force at high speeds. He did away with the bag. It was redundant as it was no longer integral to producing the suction force. He took his invention to Hoover and Electrolux. These companies did not take his invention seriously. Today, these companies can only reflect on the one that got away, as Dyson went on to found his own company; a company that today equals other vacuum cleaner manufacturers in terms of turn over. Dyson not only produced a new and better product than his rivals; he also made it in striking designs and colours that made Dyson vacuum cleaners design icons. Naturally, the public took to Dyson vacuum cleaners, as these machines combined what was best in cutting edge technology and design.

But Dyson doesn't rest on its laurels. The company has continued to lead the field in technology enhancements. Dyson vacuum cleaners incorporate HEPA filters, to reduce further the amount of allergens that are blown back into the atmosphere. Also, it was the first manufacturer to introduce a 'ball' into the head of its upright models, making it easy to maneuver compared to conventional models. The Ball took three years to develop and has 182 patents. The patented Ball technology replaces the traditional, rigid two wheels on the base of the machine with a ball, allowing the vacuum to twist and turn effortlessly around furniture and low-lying obstacles. The Ball successfully eliminates the struggle of maneuvering a vacuum around the room, so that you control the movement, not the other way around like traditional vacuums.

Dyson also employs rigorous testing of all its models. For example, one of the many tests to ensure robust engineering includes Dyson vacuum cleaners being dropped with the force of up to 150 times their own weight, so you can feel confident that when you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, it's going to last.

So, when you decide to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, not only are you buying one of the most beautiful looking vacuum cleaners on the market today, you're buying one of the most technical advanced vacuums. Dyson vacuum cleaners really do combine brains and sex appeal.

Author: Robin OBrien

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